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Enterprise mobility in metallurgy

Complete solutions for shop floor walkarounds and inspections;
all functionality in one device;
explosion-proof design

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Industrial tablets and smartphones from Russian manufacturer Mobile Inform Group are a modern solution for automation of metallurgical industry. Mobile MIG devices can be used for inspection of boiler, thermal equipment. A tablet or smartphone with a functional module (thermal imager, vibrometer, rfid scanner) can be used for regular rounds of the shop floor by technical personnel.

Protected equipment with special capabilities is used for ore movement, mining control and correction, routine procedures and rounds, maintenance and repair, MRO and other types of work at metallurgical plants.

The company’s developments are based on high-performance mobile devices. These are smartphone MIG S6 and tablets: MIG T8, MIG T8X, MIG T10. All models are designed for stable operation in conditions of temperature contrasts and severe weather. The architecture of the devices allows to supplement their functionality with specialized modules: thermal imager, vibrometer, scanner of check-code and 2D-code, module of high-precision positioning and other solutions.

Operation of metallurgical shops, design of technological processes, units and equipment for ore mining often involves the risk of accumulation of gases and dust-air mixture in confined spaces. Traces of fuel and lubricants and explosives on scrap metal are also dangerous. A single spark in the electrical circuit of a mobile device can have catastrophic consequences. The MIG T8X tablet and the MIG S6 smartphone are designed with intrinsic safety in mind. These products have been tested for EAEC certificate for use in hazardous areas of class 1 and 2 of categories IIA, IIB and IIC of temperature class T4, as well as in areas hazardous for ignition of combustible dust of classes 21 and 22 in environments of subgroups IIIA, IIIB and IIIC. More information on hazardous areas

The introduction of mobile MIG solutions in the metals industry will enable:

Optimize workflow by:

  • Accounting of production stages, accounting and quality control of finished products.
  • Сontrol of ore extraction and movement and adjustment of extraction parameters.
  • Product shipment control.
  • Inventory and equipment movement control.
  • Determining the employee's location and controlling their fulfillment of assigned tasks.

Reduce operating costs by:

  • Timely maintenance and repair of equipment, capital construction and infrastructure facilities (MRO, MRO).
  • Warehouse management, accounting of finished goods and inventory.
  • Сontrol of instrument indicators and defects, accounting of spare parts, components and consumables.

Simplify and speed up information sharing by:

  • Operational access to the enterprise information system from production sites.
  • Working with work permits and carrying out all stages of work electronically without hard copies.

Automated workstation capabilities:

  • warehouse management, accounting of finished goods and inventory movement with the help of a scanner, 2D-scanner and RFID tag reader;
  • identification of personnel by means of EDS for secure access to the information system of the enterprise, digitalization of all stages of work;
  • NFC reader for secure access to production facilities;
  • thermal imager for detecting industrial gas leaks and monitoring the temperature of blast furnaces and other units;
  • search for defects and diagnostics with the help of vibrometer assessment of vibration level of crane, pump, conveyor and other types of metallurgical equipment;
  • high-precision navigation for determining the location of an employee and the location of objects in the enterprise.

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