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How to automate rounds and equipment condition monitoring

Mobile monitoring and automation equipment ТОиР

Mobile equipment monitoring is a regular task for field employees of large industrial companies. Route maps and checklists are drawn up to carry out rounds and inspections as part of maintenance and repair work. Permission orders and other related documents are drawn up. It is not always convenient to fill them out if they are in paper form. We offer special mobile devices for monitoring and maintenance at industrial facilities. They allow you to automate repair management and equipment maintenance by field employees.

We offer modern ways to automate MRO and equipment bypasses based on the use of industrial mobile devices:

— MIG T10 x86, MIG T8, MIG T8X tablets;

— MIG S6 smartphone.

A special program is loaded into smartphones and tablets for dodgers to automate filling out reports, checklists, and receiving and sending electronic documentation.

How equipment is bypassed and inspected using mobile devices

The supervisor enters into the program a schedule of equipment inspections and walkarounds. For each event an executor is assigned, who sees the scope of tasks and conducts it in accordance with the checklist of equipment walk-around, which may include visual inspection, photo or video recording, entering faults into the program. If the technician finds a fault, he or she creates a work order to fix it, which goes in for review and approval.

Industrial tablets and smartphones for efficient data handling

Our devices allow management and employees who are «in the field» to quickly share data, thereby improving communication between departments. Each employee can quickly find the results of past inspections, while management can track the timely completion of tasks by responsible persons, check their location and create a route map for equipment walkarounds.

Specialists who make rounds and repair equipment have to work in difficult climatic conditions. Mobile devices are adapted to function in conditions of high humidity, temperature fluctuations. They are durable, not afraid of falls and dust.

MIG smartphones and tablets have a well-thought-out architecture that significantly expands functionality thanks to specialized modules — RFID reader, high-precision positioning module, thermal imager, vibrometer, so no additional equipment is required.

Digitalization MRO and equipment rounds will allow:

Increase labor productivity:

  • reduction of paperwork;
  • simple, fast and error-free data entry;
  • automated filling of reports;
  • Control of equipment rounds and task execution.

Improve workplace safety:

  • accurate monitoring of equipment condition, timely prevention of equipment failure;
  • operational control over compliance with safety techniques, availability of necessary PPE for employees;
  • automated online issuance of work permits.

Reduce operating expenses:

  • on maintenance of the equipment and transportation fleet through efficient operation;
  • on procurement of materials, components and spare parts through consolidation of purchases and up-to-date information on online balances;
  • on downtime through preventive repairs and reduction of emergencies.

Possibilities of automated workplace based on MIG devices:

  • Generate and automatically receive work assignments to your tablet or smartphone
  • Downloading from the corporate information system (CIS): — routes and maps of equipment bypasses, — schedules of equipment inspections and bypasses, — work plans, equipment passports; — facility maintenance history, images and documents;
  • Photo and video recording of defects/faults;
  • Completing equipment walk-around checklists;
  • Monitoring of the technical condition of machinery, equipment, facilities, transportation, etc;
  • FHD display for working with highly detailed drawings and schematics;
  • Determine the location of an employee or vehicle, service object with an accuracy of 1 m;
  • Control of personnel proximity to moving objects and confirmation of the avoidance route using the high-precision positioning module;
  • Identification of the user and confirmation of the passed instruction by means of EDS, smart cards and other means;
  • 1D, 2D, QR code and RFID/NFC tag readers allow you to:
    — Identify a service object, employee or location;
    — record maintenance data on an RFID tag;
    — track the life cycle of equipment and assets, monitor safety and PPE issuance;
    — automate the recording of data on the receipt, shipment, movement of raw materials and products at the stages of production/processing;
    — automate warehousing and inventory of materials, spare parts and equipment.


Key features of the MIG platform

Built for business

  • MRO tablets and smartphones are compatible with the necessary ACS: VPN, ES, MDZ, antivirus, etc;
  • work on Android, Windows 10, Astra Linux, Aurora;
  • an integrated system for centralized management and control of the mobile device fleet is available;
  • low total cost of ownership: devices are designed for 7 years of commercial operation, new devices are compatible with previous models.

Always on the phone

  • industrial modem with 1.9 times improved reception quality and simultaneous operation of two SIM-cards;
  • optional navigation chip with measurement accuracy up to 1.5 m;
  • operation in special communication bands (LTE 450, LTE 350-400 MHz).

Technical support and service

  • service contracts with guaranteed response times of up to 5 years;
  • swap fund;
  • extended warranty
    up to 5 years;
  • free technical support.

Adapted to the specifics of work

  • thoughtful wearable accessories; stylus, glove operation; replaceable battery and charging for peak performance;
  • advanced functionality: high-precision navigation; RFID reader, thermal imager, vibrometer, etc.; explosion-proof version;
  • stable operation at temperatures from -20 °C, resistant to sudden temperature changes up to 100 °C;
  • IP67/IP68 sealing. Impact resistant architecture.