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Release of an anti-sanctions PC on a rare domestic processor and with Russian Linux

6 июня 2023

Mobile Inform Group (MIG) has released a small-sized desktop PC "Akinak" with domestic processor "Skif" and OS "Alt" (Linux distribution).

Enterprise tablet with native Linux support

26 апреля 2023

With the arrival of spring Russian developer and manufacturer Mobile Inform Group decided to please the market with the announcement of a brand new line of corporate mobile devices.

MIG T10 x86 now in version 51, native Linux support

31 января 2023

Meet the updated product of Mobile Inform Group on x86 architecture - MIG T10 tablet in version 51. The device is compatible with the mobile version of Astra Linux Special Edition 1.7 OS and Russian encryption systems, which allows using it to automate mobile personnel in the spheres with increased requirements to information security, as well as to use the tablet at critical information infrastructure (CII) objects.

Mobile Inform Group has created a new version of the MIG T8X x86 tablet

8 августа 2022

The tablet runs Astra Linux Special Edition 1.7 and is designed for 7 years of industrial operation. Compatibility with hard disk identification system allows to form on its basis a fully protected automated workplace for the employee of special services, representatives of executive authorities, specialists working at CII objects.