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8 августа 2022

Mobile Inform Group has created a new version of the MIG T8X x86 tablet

MIG T8X x86 tablet in 5X version based on Astra Linux Special Edition 1.7 is a familiar MIG T8X (x86) tablet, but with a number of improved technical characteristics. The device is designed for 7 years of industrial operation. Compatibility with encryption system allows to form on the basis of the updated MIG T8X a fully protected automated workplace for the employee of special services, representatives of executive authorities, specialists working at critical information infrastructure facilities.

MIG T8X x86 tablet in 5X version

We have made several key changes to the MIG T8X (x86):

  • Increased device performance with an improved Intel Celeron N5100 processor for fast and continuous work with large amounts of data. The tablet is 1.5 times faster while lasting 30% longer.
  • Increased battery capacity to 38Wh with a better fit.
  • Provided native Linux support with more open source programs and tools for secure operation.
  • Utilized new NFC module with 14443a\b, NFCIP and extended APDU support for new type of documents.
  • Magnetic charging has been added, keeping water and dirt out of the connector and preventing the port from coming loose from constant cable switching.

As before, MIG T8X x86 is physically protected from drops and unfavorable conditions, which guarantees stable operation in any region of the Russian Federation, at any time of the year.

It should be noted that support of the updated Russian operating system Astra Linux Special Edition, which is specially adapted for mobile devices, is provided.

«MIG T8X x86 tablet in 5X version retained all the previous advantages: compatibility with Russian SCSI, high protection from physical impacts and external conditions. But, based on the results of the device operation, design improvements were made: the battery capacity was increased, which will allow using the device up to 15 hours without recharging, the battery attachment became more convenient, and the device performance was improved to fully meet the requirements of our customers», — comments Konstantin Mantsvetov, General Director of MIG.

If necessary, the tablet can be equipped with functional modules that expand the possibilities of the device application. Additional options are customized to meet the requirements of the individual customer. The updated MIG T8X in the 5X version will be available from October 1, 2022.

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