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About the company

Mobile Inform Group

Mobile Inform Group is a Russian developer and manufacturer of solutions for corporate mobility. The company has assembled the strongest engineering team in Russia for the development of radio electronics. Most of the engineers come from ETU «LETI», one of the oldest institutes in Russia, which produced the best Soviet engineers known all over the world, for example, Zhores Alferov (winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics). The company’s products are manufactured at three production sites located in St. Petersburg, Kaluga and Shenzhen.

To date, more than 68,000 devices under the MIG trademark have been produced. The current portfolio includes a line of industrial equipment for intensive operation: the MIG S6 smartphone, MIG T8X tablets — the stability of their operation is confirmed by many years of experience in using them in various regions of the Russian Federation (from the south with the scorching sun to the northern regions with Siberian frosts). The basic characteristics of each MIG product are: ease of use, unpretentiousness and reliability.

In 2023, the company announced a product line based on a new architecture, which is designed to ensure technological independence, as it provides compatibility with any Linux operating system with a kernel higher than 5.10 and does not use AOSP. The first swallow (as they say in Russia) became a lightweight tablet for corporate use MIG LT11.

All MIG devices provide 5+ years of operation and have the widest functionality on the market (thermal imagers, vibrometers, QR-code scanners, etc.). The products can run on Android, Windows and the Russian Astra Linux operating system.

MIG pays great attention to information security issues: the company develops firmware and drivers for new products independently in order to completely eliminate the risks of «undeclared capabilities», and a long-term partnership with key developers of cryptographic information protection tools ensures full compatibility with their products: VPN, digital signature, Antiviruses, trusted boot modules, etc.

MIG equipment is used in the public sector, law enforcement agencies, energy, transport and mechanical engineering, metallurgy and chemical industry, key customers: Russian Railways, ROSATOM, Rosseti, Lukoil, Gazprom Neft, Alrosa, regional executive authorities, MMK and many others. The average percentage of service requests for our products does not exceed 2% per year.


We are confident in the quality of our products, so we offer both a classic extended warranty of up to 5 years, and a full-service contract with guaranteed repairs in 10 working days.

MIG’s key areas of development are: improving its engineering competencies, developing microelectronic components, creating a reliable network of partners and distributors, as well as creating competence centers and localizing production in countries that follow the path of technological sovereignty.

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