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Enterprise mobility for law enforcement

Mobile devices for field officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: district police officers, traffic police inspectors, operatives, patrol-post and other services.

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We offer domestic equipment for automating the workplaces of field officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: traffic police inspectors, district police officers, police patrol officers, etc. The MIG solution allows for quick and error-free transfer of operational data to the central automation system and on-the-fly access to databases via secure channels.

The architecture of our platform allows to significantly expand the capabilities of devices in operation, for example, to use biometric personal identification means, contact smart card readers and much more.


Workflow optimization

  • Reducing the cost of providing work to field staff.
  • Monitoring the actions and location of mobile workers online.
  • Facilitated dispatching of field crews.

Increase in labor productivity

  • Exemption from paperwork.
  • Simple, fast and error-free data entry.
  • Reducing document fraud.


  • Improving employee safety and job satisfaction.
  • Maximizing public safety.
  • Сomplete protection of data on the device and its transmission channels.

Automated workstation capabilities:

  • data exchange with federal information systems and centralized databases via secure communication channels;
  • 100% user identification using EDS, smart cards and other means of identification;
  • working with the latest technologies: barcoding, RFID, IoT, biometrics;
  • recognizing identity documents;
  • mobile printing of resolutions, receipts, protocols and other documentation;
  • centralized management of the device fleet: remote management of security policies, management of hardware modules (locking of camera, Bluetooth and other interfaces), centralized updating of application software versions, etc.

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