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Mobile Inform Group is a Russian developer and manufacturer of mobile equipment for intensive operation. The devices meet the criteria of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade for import substitution and are designed for automation of field services of a wide profile.

MIG hardware platform

Mobile Inform Group has created the MIG hardware platform, which is represented by its own rugged mobile devices: MIG T8, MIG T8x and T10 tablets and MIG C55 and MIG S6 smartphones. All devices are protected against drops, dust and moisture and operate in the harshest weather conditions. Thought-out architecture of devices allows to realize on their basis the widest functionality on the market: biometric identification means, QR-code readers, RFID tags of all ranges, means of thermal imaging and vibration measurement, work with identity documents, high-precision positioning (up to 2.5 cm), work with contactless cards, etc. All MIG equipment is created according to the unique concept of a single hardware platform, which allows to cover the whole range of mobile automation tasks in companies with a distributed structure and a wide variability of internal business processes.

The essence of the concept can be reduced to two main principles:

  • maximum standardization of key components of devices of different product lines, which significantly reduces costs and time for software adaptation, in particular, Russian operating systems, hardware functional modules; and also increases the reliability and stability of equipment operation (more practical data on the operation of each specific module - deeper and more targeted work with firmware and bugs and, as a result, a more stable device at the user); at the same time, due to the uniformity of the platform, it is possible to use a smartphone in some processes and a tablet in others without changing the software or encryption system;
  • readiness to expand functionality in the process of operation. For example, today you are launching a project to automate bypass engineers. You are just starting the task and don't yet know what technologies you will need. Tomorrow you decide to tag your maintenance facilities with RFID tags, and the day after that you decide to equip 30% of your engineers with thermal imaging cameras to find thermal leaks. Due to the special architecture of the devices, we can "upgrade" the device with almost any functional module during operation. In addition to readiness to change, it also makes it possible to provide on the basis of one device the required functionality for each category of employees: a high-precision positioning module for some, and a multimeter for others. The functionality is different, but the device is the same! All this saves a huge amount of money for the replacement of the fleet of devices, as well as for their maintenance and support within the customer company.

Mobile Inform Group develops functional mobile devices based on the real needs of customers, industry specifics of the market and taking into account new legislative requirements. Our specialists create beta units in 1-2 months, which the client can test before launching the batch into production. We actively cooperate with the most advanced research and production companies in Russia and around the world, for which purpose we have opened a representative office in Shenzhen (PRC).

MIG production

We have two production lines: one in St. Petersburg for prototyping and small batch production; the second is a full-cycle production, including surface mount, at the Kaluga Telegraph Equipment Plant, equipped with one of the most advanced surface mount lines and sufficient assembly capacity to meet the needs of major customers in Russia and abroad.

Our engineers together with our technology partners solve complex problems that have never been realized before in the production of industrial mobile devices. These include special secure data transmission solutions, automated recognition in challenging environments, and ultra-reliable solutions in critical infrastructures.

Being at the forefront of industrial mobility, we are proud of our engineering solutions and will further develop this area, providing the market with strong and competitive products.

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