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Enterprise mobility in energy industry

automation of mobile by passers in energy companies, devices for bypassing power grid equipment, heating networks

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Field employees in the power industry work at remote sites in the open air in all weather conditions. It is very important that the equipment they use is reliable: communication is stable, geographical coordinates are accurate, the battery lasts for the entire shift, and the devices themselves must not be afraid of falls, moisture, dust and frost. This is exactly what MIG equipment is designed for.

Mobile workstations will help employees to perform daily tasks faster and more accurately, automate many stages of work: transfer and receipt of repair data from KIS, constant communication with the dispatcher, processing of receipts and much more.

MIG’s solutions for automating the work of field staff are based on secure, high-performance mobile devices: MIG T10x86, MIG T8, MIG T8X tablets and MIG S6 smartphone — and are designed for uninterrupted operation in any climatic conditions. Sophisticated architecture allows to significantly expand the functionality of the devices with specialized modules:
RFID reader, high-precision positioning module, thermal imager, vibrometer, support for operation in special and service communication bands B31 (LTE 450), 350-400 MHz, etc.

Software and hardware complexes based on MIG solutions meet the requirements of the order of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation dated November 6, 2018 N1015 (SUMiD).


Increased productivity

  • Improving the labor efficiency of field personnel.
  • Reducing the average operating time on a typical site.
  • Improved accuracy of equipment condition monitoring, timely prevention of equipment failure.

Reduction of operating expenses

  • Reduction of paperwork; automatic, error-free data entry into reports and other documents.
  • Reducing downtime through preventive repairs and reducing the number of emergencies.

Improving occupational safety

  • Operational control over compliance with safety regulations and the availability of necessary PPE for employees.
  • Monitoring the location and actions of employees at hazardous sites.

Automated workstation capabilities:

  • confirmation of the completed briefing with a qualified electronic signature;
  • automatic receipt of tasks on a tablet or smartphone. The system calculates the optimal route to the object taking into account traffic jams;
  • equipment identification by RFID/ NFC tags, barcodes. Recording of maintenance data on RFID tag;
  • downloading from the corporate information system (CIS) of bypass routes, equipment passports, facility maintenance history, images and accompanying documents;
  • photo and video recording of detected defects, non-contractual electricity consumption and illegal connection to the network;
  • processing of commercial services, printing of receipts;
  • tracking mobile teams on a map, online control of their route, duration and quality of work;
  • operation in special communication bands (LTE 450, LTE 350-400 MHz);
  • thermal imager for monitoring overheating of contact connections, defects of support and suspension insulation, etc.

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