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Enterprise mobility in the chemical industry

Mobile devices for automation in the chemical industry. Tablets and smartphones for diagnostics and repair of equipment at chemical plants and mills

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The peculiarity and key specificity of automation of engineering and technical personnel and production processes at chemical industry enterprises is a combination of two factors: work with technologically complex equipment and hazardous work environment. The first factor implies the availability of the most advanced solutions in the field of digitalization of production processes. The second factor requires the use of specialized equipment that meets occupational health and safety requirements.

For automation of mobile workers in the chemical industry we offer protected high-performance mobile devices MIG: intrinsically safe tablet MIG T8X in two versions: on Qualcomm with Android operating system and the possibility of porting to Russian Astra OS or on Intel with Windows operating system or Russian Astra Linux OS; as well as smartphone MIG S6. All the above equipment is manufactured in Russia at JSC «Kaluga Telegraph Equipment Plant».

Explosion-proof MIG T8X and MIG S6 are suitable for use in potentially explosive zones 1 and 2, categories IIA, IIB and IIC of temperature class T4, as well as in areas hazardous by ignition of combustible dust of classes 21 and 22 in environments of subgroups IIIA, IIIB and IIIC. More information on hazardous areas

Tasks that MIG devices solve:

Workflow optimization

  • Management, control and optimization of production processes, including access to up-to-date information for prompt decision-making.
  • Elimination of paper media, acceleration of standard regulatory operations, e.g. issuance of work orders, etc.

Automation of MRO and indicator collection

  • Technological bypasses, monitoring, repair and diagnostics of the state of infrastructure, complex equipment, as well as gas pipelines, power plants, power lines, etc. (use of TOIR and EAM systems). (use in the MRO and EAM systems).
  • Сollection of readings in the production shops of ammonia, urea, KFC and other chemical products.

Improving occupational safety

  • Monitoring the status and location of employees at hazardous production facilities.

Automated workstation capabilities:

  • stable operation outdoors under any weather conditions: the devices are not afraid of rain, accidental drops in mud and water;
  • explosion-proof version for operation in shops with hazardous flammable gases;
  • Possibility of retrofitting with various measuring instruments: thermal imager for monitoring and detection of overheating and/or gas leakage; vibrometer for equipment condition monitoring;
  • hardware readers for identification of service objects and automated inventory control;
  • possibility of installation on railway and special vehicles as on-board computers: MIG T8X tablet has vibration protection according to GOST 16962-71 (frequency range 10-80 Hz, transition frequency 30 Hz, acceleration 5g);
  • trouble-free operation of the device during the entire working shift due to the frost-resistant industrial battery. Up to 14 hours on a single charge at -20°C. Replaceable battery for round-the-clock operation during peak loads;
  • Stable reception even in remote areas or areas with poor coverage;
  • high-precision positioning module for locating mobile teams on a map;
  • high degree of information security: - support of all possible EDS formats; - possibility to pre-install MDM-system for remote administration and logging of user actions; - compatibility with other encryption systems: VPN, Antivirus, PMDZ, intrusion detection, etc.

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