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Enterprise mobility in control and supervisory activities

Mobile devices for automation of field employees of public services. The solutions are compatible with the mobile application of EGIS UCND and VIS CCS

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As part of the federal project «Digital Public Administration», Mobile Inform Group supplies mobile devices for on-site inspections by inspectors of committees and departments of executive authorities.

MIG smartphones and tablets for the digitalization of the CND are high-performance rugged devices. They withstand temperature fluctuations, drops on concrete floors, are not afraid of dust and moisture. This industrial protection allows to create mobile ARMs (automated workplaces) for inspectors of supervisory agencies in any regions of the Russian Federation with different weather conditions and remoteness of inspected objects.

MIG T10x86, MIG T8, MIG T8X tablets and MIG S6 smartphone are equipped with a removable frost-resistant battery. The displays of the devices remain readable even in bright sunlight and are adapted to work with gloves.

Field inspections are carried out within the framework of state control and supervision of territory improvement, construction and repair support, maintenance of infrastructure and road networks, etc.

The goal of the project on automation of control and supervisory activities is to increase the transparency of management of citizens’ appeals through an efficient system of organization and accounting of inspections.


Workflow optimization

  • Reducing the cost of providing work to field staff.
  • Monitoring the actions and location of mobile workers online.

Compatibility with required information systems

  • Departmental information system for automating the control and supervisory activities of control and supervisory bodies (VIS KNO).
  • Typical cloud-based solution for automation of control (supervision) activities (TOR KND).

The solution complies with the requirements of Russian legislation

  • To protect critical information infrastructure.
  • General import substitution policy.

Automated workstation capabilities:

  • scheduling tasks/checks;
  • tracking the routes and locations of inspectors;
  • tracking routes and location of inspectors;
  • intelligent assistant;
  • visualization of analytical data from various systems;
  • full-size fingerprint scanner;
  • operation with RFID tags of HF, UHF ranges. NFC-reader supports work with EKVO and electronic passport of new type;
  • ISO7816 contact smart card reader;
  • work with ES: MicroSD cards, USB keys, Bluetooth tokens, NFC tags.

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