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Enterprise mobility in mechanical engineering

Mobile devices for mechanical engineering production. Tablets and smartphones for automation of mobile workplaces of engineers, mechanics, machine operators.

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The machine-building industry in Russia is undergoing significant changes: digitalization, transition to new technologies (RFID, IoT, robotics), and the very essence of business processes is being restructured. Automated systems for managing the enterprise, warehouse, production, assets, maintenance, etc. are being introduced everywhere. This, in turn, creates the need for automated mobile workplaces.

MIG hardware-software complex based on a secure tablet or smartphone meets all the requirements of modern machine-building enterprises. Such a device can be used both in a general automated process control system and for individual tasks. Expansion of functionality through special modules makes it possible to use the device for measuring physical parameters, tolerance control or navigation.

Tasks that MIG devices solve:

In warehouse and production

  • Accounting of materials, stages of production.
  • Quality control.
  • Accounting of raw materials, finished products.
  • Automated accounting of inventory.

Mobile Maintenance and Repair (MRO)

  • Detour route.
  • Fixation of instrument indicators, defects.
  • Accounting of spare parts and component materials.
  • Issuance of work orders and work permits, online registration of application statuses.

Asset management

  • Identification and passportization of objects.
  • Determining the employee's location.
  • Monitoring the condition of the facilities.
  • Сontrol over the fulfillment of assigned tasks.

Automated workstation capabilities:

  • work with various identification technologies: SCR, NFC, UHF, industrial marking;
  • integration of RTLS-tag into the device housing will allow to determine the employee's location at hazardous facilities;
  • navigation module will determine the location of an employee, a specific area of the service object in the open space with an accuracy of one meter;
  • FHD display for working with highly detailed drawings and schematics;
  • IP67/68 enclosure sealing will ensure stable operation of the complex in dusty production areas, as well as in the open air;
  • 13MP camera for photo and video recording of work performed/faults detected;
  • with the optional RJ45 interface integrated into the MIG industrial tablets, it is possible to perform diagnostics of production equipment;
  • Instead of the "as long as your hand can take it" principle, our devices allow you to measure the temperature of an object with the help of a built-in thermal imager. In this case, the measurement is not point-by-point (like a pyrometer), but the engineer can see the temperature of all objects in the camera's view at once;
  • The vibration meter with a long remote cable allows you to measure vibration in hard-to-reach places.

In addition, our engineering team is ready to develop/integrate into the device measuring devices, other functional modules that are used specifically in your production. As basic platforms for enterprises, we offer to use protected industrial tablets MIG T8, T10 and industrial smartphone MIG S6.

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