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Enterprise mobility in the mining industry

Tablets and smartphones for automation of workplaces of mining engineers, surveyors, miners, geodesists. Mobile devices for work in the fields

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We offer domestic solutions for automating the workplaces of field employees in the mining industry: mining foremen, geologists, surveyors, track workers, dispatchers, diesel locomotive drivers, maintenance engineers, etc. MIG equipment can be used in mining and transportation of natural resources, in geological exploration, in the development of deposits, mines, warehouses. It has the necessary certificates for use in potentially explosive zones 1 and 2, categories IIA, IIB and IIC of temperature class T4, as well as in areas hazardous for ignition of combustible dust of classes 21 and 22 in environments of subgroups IIIA, IIIB and IIIC.

The solutions are based on MIG’s ruggedized high-performance mobile devices: the MIG T10, MIG T8, MIG T8X tablets and the MIG S6 smartphone and are designed for trouble-free operation in all climatic conditions. Sophisticated architecture allows to significantly expand the functionality of the devices with specialized modules: RFID reader, high-precision positioning module, thermal imager, vibrometer and others.


Optimization of the main processes of management of mining production and technique

  • Control of ore movements in the mine: control of conveyor operation.
  • Сontrol over movement of trains, inspection of trains.
  • Сondition monitoring and maintenance of machinery, facilities, etc.
  • Efficient operation of the equipment and transportation fleet.

Increased labor productivity and reduced operating costs

  • Reduction of paperwork; automatic, error-free data entry into reports and other documents.
  • Automated accounting of inventory.
  • Сonsolidation of purchases of materials, components and spare parts, up-to-date information on on-line balances.
  • Reducing downtime through preventive repairs and reducing the number of emergencies.

Improvement of labor safety at extractive industry enterprises

  • Improved accuracy of equipment condition monitoring, timely prevention of equipment failure.
  • Operational control over compliance with safety regulations and the availability of necessary PPE for employees;
  • Automated process of issuing permit orders.

Automated workstation capabilities:

  • tracking the location of vehicles and employees using high-precision positioning;
  • automated accounting of data on receipt, shipment, movement of raw materials and products at the stages of production/processing; warehouse accounting and inventory of materials, spare parts and equipment, as well as identification of service objects using barcoding and/or RFID technologies;
  • photo and video recording of defects/failures of the tracks;
  • user identification by means of EDS, smart cards and other means;
  • automated collection of indicators using built-in measurement modules: vibrometer, thermal imager, etc;
  • operation in special communication bands (LTE 450, LTE 350-400 MHz).

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