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MIG functional modules

All MIG equipment is designed according to the unique concept of a single hardware platform, which allows to extend the functionality of the devices with additional modules.

All the functions you need in one device

No need to carry additional equipment and organize data transfer between devices

Development of modules for your task

Beta unit creation time 1-2 months, test before launching into production

Expansion of functionality during operation

Possibility to upgrade already purchased devices with almost any functional module

Measurement devices

A range of functional modules for various types of measurements: for thermography and energy audit, high-precision positioning with a measurement error of 2.5 cm, for measuring the amplitude, speed and frequency of vibration.

Means of automatic identification

Capable of recognizing RFID tags, shrihcodes and fingerprints. The devices automatically recognize data even in difficult conditions, the fingerprint scanner distinguishes between real and artificial fingerprints, which prevents information substitution and fraud.

Data Protection Tools

MIG's data protection function modules enable the use of electronic signatures and prevent unauthorized access to the device.

Want to integrate another function into your device?

Email us, we'll tell you if it's possible or not and estimate the development cost