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Enterprise mobility in the oil and gas industry

Mobile devices for automation of process bypasses, TOROs, MROs in the oil and gas sector. Monitoring of equipment status and employee location at hazardous production facilities.

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Integrated use of modern technologies in the oil and gas industry increases production efficiency, reduces losses and operating costs at all stages of production, transportation and sales.

We offer domestic solutions to automate the workplaces of field employees in the oil and gas industry. The solutions are based on MIG’s ruggedized high-performance mobile devices: MIG T10x86, MIG T8, MIG T8X tablets and MIG S6 smartphone, and are designed for uninterrupted operation in any climatic conditions.

Tablets and smartphones for petroleum engineers, geologists, and field workers are available in explosion-proof versions. Explosion-proof smartphone MIG S6 is suitable for use in potentially explosive zones 1 and 2, categories IIA, IIB and IIC of temperature class T4, as well as in areas hazardous for ignition of combustible dust of classes 21 and 22 in environments of subgroups IIIA, IIIB and IIIC. More information on hazardous areas

MIG devices are capable of maximum adaptation to the industry specifics of the oil and gas sector: well thought-out architecture allows to significantly expand the functionality of the devices with specialized modules: RFID reader, high-precision positioning module, thermal imager, vibrometer and others.


Workflow optimization

  • Management, control and optimization of exploration and production processes.
  • Ensuring access to up-to-date information for prompt decision-making.
  • Consolidation of purchases of materials, components and spare parts, up-to-date information on online balances.
  • Automated issuance of work permits.

Increased productivity and reduced operating costs

  • Elimination of paper media, acceleration of standard routine operations, e.g. issuance of work orders, etc.
  • Automated accounting of inventory.
  • Reducing downtime through preventive repairs and reducing the number of emergencies.

Improving occupational safety

  • Monitoring of equipment condition, prevention of equipment failure.
  • Operational control of safety compliance, availability of necessary PPE for employees.
  • Monitoring the status and location of employees at hazardous production facilities.

Automated workstation capabilities:

  • collection of production well measurements, studies of the physical characteristics of the reservoir and the extracted raw materials;
  • technological rounds, monitoring and diagnostics of the condition of drilling rigs, complex equipment, and pipelines;
  • Thermal imager for monitoring and detecting gas leaks, measuring thermal fields, monitoring shaft temperatures at pumps, etc;
  • vibrometer for diagnosing the condition of engines and other complex equipment;
  • QR code and RFID tag readers allow unambiguous identification of a service object, employee or location;
  • A plug-in video recorder for remote coordination of the specialist's work on site;
  • dosimeters and other measuring devices for continuous diagnostics of environmental conditions at production facilities;
  • operation in special communication bands (LTE 450, LTE 350-400 MHz).

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