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Enterprise mobility for rescue services

Tablets and smartphones for automation of EMERCOM employees. Mobile devices for rescuers and inspectors of supervisory and preventive services

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Employees of task forces and garrisons of the fire department, fire and rescue guard, inspectors and employees of the Department of Supervisory and Preventive Activities, as well as the State Inspection for Small-Sized Vessels of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (GIMS) and Rosrybolovstvo in all regions of the Russian Federation perform a huge amount of important work for society on a year-round and daily basis. To automate the work of employees you need devices that are also able to work in emergency mode without interruptions.

Mobile Inform Group offers certified mobile complexes based on industrial tablets MIG T10 and MIG T8 as portable automated workplaces for employees of task forces and garrisons of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other supervisory bodies.


Workflow optimization

  • Reducing the cost of providing work to field staff.
  • Online control of actions and location of crews.
  • Facilitated dispatching of crews.

Versatility of the solution

  • Automation of workplaces of employees of operational groups and fire protection garrisons.
  • Automation of workplaces of inspectors and other employees of the Supervision and Prevention Department.
  • Installation on fire trucks, fuel trucks and other special vehicles.

Compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation

  • To protect critical information infrastructure.
  • General import substitution policy.

Automated workstation capabilities:

  • utilization of the departmental digital network;
  • automated recognition of identity documents;
  • Identification of identity using a full-size fingerprint scanner;
  • photo and video recording of inspection results or violations;
  • use of individual ES by field employees when accepting copies of conclusions on independent assessment of fire risks, registration of fire safety declarations, registration of administrative offenses;
  • access to regulations, legal frameworks and other necessary documents;
  • online receipt of data from field staff for operational report on emergency response and minimization of its consequences;
  • online maintenance of the LS LS worksheet;
  • determination of personnel location in case of emergency;
  • online acquisition of data of radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance in the emergency area (with connection of additional devices such as gas analyzer, etc.);

Certificate of Honor

Certificate of Appreciation for participation of MIG CEO, Konstantin Andreevich Mantsvetov, in organizing the III International Fire and Rescue Congress

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