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Service contracts

Service contracts guarantee additional service support for all devices in our product line. By paying once for a contract, you fix the repair and support costs for the period you choose.

Types of service contracts:

Extended warranty: During the extended warranty all the terms and conditions stipulated in the manufacturer’s standard warranty (warranty cases, repair periods, etc.) apply, only the term is extended. These can be contracts for +1/+2/+3/+4 years to the standard warranty. At the same time, the maximum term of a contract with a standard warranty is 5 years. Accordingly, for devices with a typical warranty of 2 years, the maximum contract term is +3 years, and for devices with a basic warranty term of 1 year, it is +4 years. The cost of the extended warranty for +1 year to the standard warranty is on average 5% of the device price.

Full coverage guarantee: works on the principle of automobile «hull insurance». The contract includes:

  • the cost of all spare parts (the battery is not a spare part);
  • repair work;
  • round-trip shipping.

The only exceptions are intentional damage and repair of cosmetic damage. The fully covered warranty for devices with a typical 2-year warranty is on average 9% of the device value.

Custom contracts: we are also willing to consider customized contract terms. These may relate to the timing of the work, the provision of a replacement stock for the duration of the repair and battery replacement cover.

Benefits of the service:

  • Cost savings

For example, with a fleet-wide contract, annual maintenance for one device may cost the same as a one-time display replacement.

  • Accurate understanding of your fleet repair budget:

By purchasing service contracts, you can accurately understand the amount needed to service and repair industrial mobile devices for a selected period of time. This amount will not change in any way.

  • Reduction of paperwork, large number of spreadsheets for inventory control

The managerial staff of your company will not have to constantly monitor the availability and prices of spare parts, the cost of work, etc. on numerous tables. All this is already included in the service contracts.

  • Reduced repair time

By purchasing a service contract, you know exactly when your equipment will be returned to you in good working order.

A service contract is a worthwhile investment because you pay for it once when you buy the equipment, and our company assumes the risks and costs. Contact our manager and we will find the best option for you. We are also ready to calculate the cost of any contract for equipment already in operation. In this case, the cost and terms are negotiated individually.

Specially equipped units are available with a full risk service contract. The contract covers the device and the battery. The unit price of this equipment depends on the batch, the period of full coverage and the model of the device. The full coverage kit is supplied under a separate non-separable article.