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One of the largest IT distributors with a 30-year history. The company is focused on multidisciplinary customer support and is consistently ranked in the top 5 of industry ratings.


A global expert in the distribution of digital technologies. The company actively participates in import substitution programs and provides a wide range of services.

ETK Postavka

Exclusive distributor of explosion-proof MIG devices. The company offers attractive terms of warranty service and provides training of specialists in the use of the equipment.

OCS Distribution

Russia's leading distributor of project solutions, whose history goes back three decades. The company works with 450 vendors and more than 7,200 dealers.

Technology partners

Bajkal Elektroniks

The company designs integrated circuits and systems-on-chip based on ARM and MIPS architectures. The developments are intended for energy-efficient computer and industrial systems.

AO «Azimut»

Develops, manufactures and supplies communication, navigation, landing, surveillance and air traffic control automation equipment, as well as implements complex projects for equipping airfields and air traffic control centers.

Laboratory of info-communication networks

The Company builds and operates new networks, analyzes the status and develops recommendations on the development of business processes of existing networks to ensure economic performance.

NTC Protej

The company develops and manufactures software and hardware products for telecommunications and integrated security. Developments include solutions for 3G/4G/LTE mobile communication networks, NGN/IMS fixed communication equipment and integrated security systems.


"Aktiv" is a Russian developer of information security tools, Russia's largest manufacturer of electronic identifiers, electronic keys and software protection solutions. The company combines the Rutoken and Guardant brands.

Cifrovoj potok - Innovacii

Developer and manufacturer of hardware and software information security products. The company is a manufacturer of KAZTOKEN secure key information storages certified in the Republic of Kazakhstan since 2000.


A developer of software and hardware means of protecting information from unauthorized access, including cryptographic, with experience of more than 30 years.


SkyLink is a trademark under which Tele2 operator provides mobile communication services in IMT-MC-450 and LTE-450 standards.

Aladdin R.D.

The leader in strong two-factor user authentication in corporate resources, Web portals and cloud services.


A leading Russian developer and manufacturer of modern communications equipment. The main activity of INFORMTECHNIKA Group is the realization of complex telecommunication projects.


A leading domestic developer and manufacturer of high-tech software and hardware-software information protection products.

Kaspersky Lab

An international company working in the field of information security and digital privacy since 1997. The company's solutions and services provide security for businesses, critical infrastructure, government agencies and ordinary users.


"Doctor Web is a Russian manufacturer of anti-virus information security products under the Dr.Web brand. Dr.Web products have been developed since 1992.


The largest developer of corporate and customized videoconferencing (VCS) products and equipment in Eastern Europe.


Setere develops system and application software for Russian LINUX-based operating systems. It adapts existing software to work and helps migration of enterprises to Russian operating systems.


A leader in the distribution of cryptographic information protection and electronic digital signature tools. CryptoPro develops cryptographic information protection tools and develops the Public Key Infrastructure.

Astra Linux

Astra Linux is a special-purpose operating system designed for the needs of government and military authorities and other institutions that work with restricted information.

Open mobile platform «Avrora» (Sailfish OS)

An operating system based on open source projects and including closed source components. Included in the register of domestic software and certified by the FSB under AK1/KS1 class.

Kod bezopasnosti

A developer of cryptographic information security tools, the company's products cover all levels of corporate infrastructure.



The group of companies "RAMAX" is an association of system integrators and development companies, covering the whole range of customer needs - from strategy development to support of complex solutions.

AO «TransTekhSvyaz'»

A leading Russian system integrator specializing in building and maintaining transport infrastructure systems: sales, access control, security systems, etc..


A leader in the development and implementation of IT solutions for the digitalization of the Russian power industry and the housing and utilities sector. The company has multilevel expertise in the design, implementation and development of systems and mobile solutions that ensure comprehensive automation of power grid and power supply companies.


Transinfoset JSC is an integrator and developer of complex IT solutions. It is engaged in building information systems, development and supply of specialized equipment, and complex projects.

Computer Intelligent Systems

Performs full cycle development of automation systems, including software development, system implementation, software maintenance and modernization.


Toplog is a developer and integrator of the productive industrial warehouse management system TopLog WMS on the platform "1C:Enterprise 8.3".


One of the leading integrators in the Volga region. Main areas of work: development of complex infrastructural IT solutions, optimization and automation of business processes, supply of equipment and video analytics systems.


Global technology company and the largest semiconductor chip manufacturer in the world. Intel are the inventors of the x86 series microprocessors, Intel also manufactures motherboards, chipsets, network controllers and integrated circuits, graphics chips, and more.


One of the world's largest manufacturers of mobile processors based on ARM architecture.

Computational solutions

A Russian company that develops high-tech hardware and software solutions, including information and telecommunication systems, enterprise IT infrastructures, complex engineering systems, etc.

IC Impul's

He has many years of experience in IT, programming and leading complex technical projects.

OOO «TR-Lab»

A metrological company providing services to organizations operating photo-video registration hardware and software complexes under the Recognition Technologies brand.


A national Russian operator of digital opportunities with a leading position in the telecommunications market. It unites all IT and telecommunications areas: mobile and fixed-line communications, mobile and broadband Internet access, innovative digital ICT products and services, IT solutions in the field of system integration, etc.

PAO Mikron

The largest manufacturer and exporter of microelectronics in Russia, the center of expertise and technological leader of the Russian semiconductor industry. Produces more than 700 product types.


St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI" named after V.I. Ulyanov (Lenin) was founded in 1886.


A Russian state corporation established to assist in the development, production and export of high-tech industrial products for civil and military purposes.


Software developer, system integrator, provides services in IT outsourcing and IT consulting, information security, design and construction of IT infrastructure.

Business software industry

Developer of software tools, IT services. Has extensive experience in creating and implementing complex information systems throughout Russia.

nd Lorax

Supplier of warehousing and service infrastructure. Area of activity - implementation of automation systems, optimization of business processes, sale of equipment, complex service support of industrial equipment, distribution and sale of industrial equipment for production, trade and business.


System integrator and equipment supplier. Knowledge of advanced technologies and use of modern equipment helps the company in realization of complex automation projects and subsequent technical service of enterprises.


Design and assembly of servers, production of system units, design of local networks. Supply of network and peripheral equipment. Service, warranty maintenance of enterprises.