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Enterprise mobility in transport

Mobile devices for transport companies and organizations with extensive transport infrastructure

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MIG tablets and smartphones are used to automate the work of field personnel in all segments of the transportation industry: sea, air, rail and road transportation. Our company’s products help optimize the work of drivers, machinists, controllers, and repair specialists.

MIG devices solve key tasks of the transportation industry:
— monitoring the condition and repair of transportation infrastructure facilities, trains, vessels, and engineering structures (asset management);
— preparing a vehicle for departure on a voyage;
— boarding control, ticket checking, sale of additional goods and services;
— accounting of containers (receiving/shipping) and their condition, recording loading/unloading and other movements at container terminals. Optimization of dockers/stevedores’ work

The solutions are based on MIG’s ruggedized high-performance mobile devices: MIG T10x86, MIG T8, MIG T8X tablets and MIG S6 smartphone and are designed to work seamlessly in all climatic conditions. Sophisticated architecture allows to significantly expand the functionality of the devices with specialized modules: RFID reader, high-precision positioning module, thermal imager, vibrometer, support for operation in special and service communication bands B31 (LTE 450), LTE 350-400 and others.

Implementation of solutions MIG will allow:

Optimize workflow

  • Reducing downtime through preventive repairs and reducing the number of emergencies.
  • Filling out documents three times faster than on paper.

Increase productivity and reduce operating costs

  • Improve the accuracy of equipment condition monitoring, prevent equipment failure in a timely manner.
  • Automated accounting of inventory.
  • The abandonment of paper media.

Optimize passenger transportation

  • Improving the safety of passenger transportation.
  • Reducing the waiting time in the boarding queue.
  • Elimination of passengers traveling on counterfeit and returned electronic tickets.

Automated workstation capabilities:

  • reading 1D, 2D, QR codes;
  • work with a new-style electronic passport;
  • full-size fingerprint scanner for automated passenger identification;
  • operation in special and service communication bands B31 (LTE 450), LTE 350-400; 1785-1805 MHz (RORS);
  • vibrometer for rapid assessment of vibration levels;
  • thermal imager for industrial level thermography and energy audits;
  • high-precision positioning module with a measurement error of 2.5 cm for work with linear assets, as well as mapping and construction tasks.

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