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Enterprise mobility in medicine

Tablets and smartphones for paramedics, ambulance crews, paramedics, pathologists and other mobile medical professionals. Optimization of patient reception at home.

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Taking care of citizens’ health is a strategic task of the state. Investments in this sphere make it possible to preserve the able-bodied population and ensure social guarantees. Like other public sectors, healthcare needs a well-functioning system of control and data exchange. Thus, any deficiency in the provision of medical services will be detected faster and eliminated without undesirable consequences. Digital technologies are needed so that the doctor does not lose a minute of valuable time, and the head of the medical center can make balanced decisions based on real data.

The general requirements for digitalization in medicine are information security and accessibility of technical solutions. Employees of hospitals and polyclinics work with a large amount of personal data on a daily basis. Some of it is sent to other government organizations. Information exchange must be fast, secure and accessible in any region of the Russian Federation. These requirements apply to both stationary and mobile devices that medics work with.

Mobile Inform Group has been cooperating with medical institutions for more than five years. We understand the workload their personnel face and offer solutions for fast, secure work in any conditions. Let’s take a look at the main scenarios in which our devices are used and the tasks in which they are applied.

First of all, special mobile devices are in demand by ambulance crews. Sometimes they have to travel far away from urban infrastructure and operate in difficult weather conditions. The crew constantly receives data from the dispatcher and the unified information system. Medics on the spot fill out an electronic patient card, find out in which hospitals there are free places and the necessary equipment. Therefore, a tablet or smartphone for an ambulance crew should provide stable communication, navigation, and be resistant to moisture and temperature changes. Also, it is important to have a wide range of interfaces for connecting third-party equipment, such as a cardiometer or qualified EDS.

Working in hospitals and outpatient clinics involves an extensive range of tasks. Doctors see patients in their rooms or in their offices. A significant part of the working day is spent on filling out documents: medical records, sick lists, prescriptions, reports. The management of medical institutions, in turn, reports to higher authorities on the fulfillment of planned indicators, spending of budgetary funds and other resources. Mobile devices used by employees of polyclinics and hospitals must be protected from any risk of data leakage. The damage may consist not only in the disclosure of patients’ personal information, but also in the loss of patient records and appointments, and this will lead to tragic consequences. It is also important to consider that medical staff moves around a lot. Managers are in meetings and traveling for appointments. Doctors in the hospital make rounds of the wards with patients, and district doctors examine patients at home. This mode of operation requires appropriate technical solutions. To combine compact size and ergonomics with the capabilities of a full-fledged PC Mobile Inform Group has developed a hybrid tablet MIG LT11i, which can be easily transformed from a conventional tablet into a full-fledged stationary workstation. Thereby reducing the need to purchase an additional PC.

There are categories of medical professionals who require special capabilities. For example, pathologists perform autopsies and record observations. For them, the function of voice filling in electronic documents is important. MIG together with partners is ready to develop and implement solutions for individual categories of medical professionals.

Junior medical personnel also need automation of regular processes. Nurses report on procedures performed and medications dispensed. Pharmacists keep records of medications. To optimize address storage and patient identification, we offer the MIG S6 smartphone with integrated QR/barcode scanner.


Information security

  • Astra Linux operating system is included in the register of Russian software and has the necessary certificates as a means of information cryptocurrency protection.
  • Сompatibility with VipNet, Kaspersky, Continent AP, CryptoPro Ngate.
  • Сompliance with regulatory requirements.


  • Devices are designed for 5+ years of commercial operation.
  • Protection parameters are confirmed by appropriate certificates.
  • Less than 4% of calls to the service center for device repair.
  • The housing can withstand antiseptic treatment.


  • Compatibility with specialized software.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Availability of solutions for hybrid work formats.
  • In the catalog of devices with screen diagonal from 6 to 10 inches.
  • A wide range of interfaces for various business processes.
  • Function modules and compatible equipment are available.

Automated workstation capabilities:

  • real-time monitoring of the field crew's position on the map and its status: free, en route or on call;
  • automatic sending of information about the assigned call to the ambulance crew;
  • prompt access to the patient's medical history;
  • data protection on devices;
  • photo-, audio-, video-documentation at the place of call;
  • completing an electronic 110/u call card based on the results of the service, even when there is no communication;
  • transfer of a request for profile hospitalization with specification of available places;
  • replaceable battery ensures continuous operation of the device 24/7.

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