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MIG Partner Policy

Our goal is to create and develop a stable partner network interested in us and our products, possessing the necessary competencies for joint implementation of projects on mobile workforce automation in Russia and abroad. Our partner policy is based on basic principles: mutual respect, trust and focus on long-term cooperation and joint development. We trust that you, our partner, adhere to the same principles.

Mutual respect

The Company respects its interests, principles and approaches as well as the interests, principles and approaches of our partners. We value our reputation as a reliable partner and assume only those obligations that we can fulfill.

We value the contribution of our partners and support them in joint projects regardless of their complexity, duration and all «gifts» of fate arising in the course of their realization. In case of unforeseen circumstances, we work to overcome them, sharing rather than shifting responsibility to the partner.

You can be sure that all the characteristics of our products correspond to their descriptions, your customers will be satisfied with the quality of equipment and the high level of our service. Honesty, sincere love for our business and interest in the realization of successful projects are the basis of our approach.


The company clearly respects its boundaries: it openly discusses conditions, obligations of the parties and peculiarities of interaction with a partner without violating its boundaries, established rules of communication and agreements with clients. We believe in the sincere interest of our partners in the development of joint projects, so we trust your approaches, competencies and openly share information and our experience. We use the same approach when forming joint strategies, whether it’s bringing joint products to market or joint customer or industry development.

We are open to dialog and do everything we can to hear you. Our communication processes are transparent and therefore predictable for you. We are always in touch, you can contact us via the company website, partner section or your personal manager.

Multi-year cooperation and joint development

The company is aimed at long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. We invest our resources in the development of our partner network: we prepare and keep up-to-date sales tools, connect your specialists for joint development of clients so that you can gain competence and feel the peculiarities of projects with our solutions. We promote you and your products and help you build your reputation. We insure you by providing prompt technical support at the presale, online you can ask your questions to our presale engineers. We are always aware of the latest market trends, which allows us to offer only in-demand products that comply with industry standards, regulatory requirements and fully cover the customer’s functional task. We, as well as our solutions, absorb the experience of realized projects and become stronger and more flexible, offering you new tools, approaches and solutions. We are open to your ideas and suggestions, ready to discuss joint strategies: marketing, commercial and product strategies.


We interact directly with all partners. Regardless of the size of your business and experience of realized projects, you can turn to us for information and support. We expect from our partners a focus on long-term joint development and stability.


We are open to any feedback: you can always contact our managers if you have any complaints about our work or recommendations for improvement. We regularly collect feedback from customers, partners and users of our products, based on which we form a strategy for our development and improvement based on the principle of «small steps».

If you are a partner, ready to share our principles, we will be glad of our cooperation.

To start working with us, write to partner@m-infogroup.ru. The manager will contact you and familiarize you with our partnership program.


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