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Field Service Automation of container yards («Trans Сonteiner»)

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JSC TransContainer is the largest intermodal container operator in Russia. Container sites are located throughout the country.
Work on the container site is carried out in harsh climatic conditions, and therefore very serious requirements are imposed on the equipment:
  1. Uninterrupted operation at very low temperatures (up to minus 45°C) and in case of sudden temperature changes, as well as in severe weather conditions (rain / snow).
  2. Round-the-clock operation of the device.
  3. Increased requirements for the quality of communication.


After studying the specifics of the task, Mobile Inform Group suggested equipping all crawler
service employees with secure MIG T8 tablets.


The MIG T8 industrial tablet is designed for long-term continuous operation. It works 6-7 hours at -30°C and 2-3 hours at -40°C, withstands sudden temperature changes of 100°C. Data from the mobile complex is transmitted in real time.

Key advantages of the

Working at peak loads

The impact-resistant architecture protects the internal elements from damage and breakage when dropped.

Frost-resistant design – stable operation at temperatures from -30 C.

Resistance to sudden temperature changes (from cold to heat and back) up to 100 C.


Industrial modem with 1.9-fold improved reception quality.

High-precision positioning module with a measurement error of 2.5 cm.

Simultaneous operation of two SIM cards.


Thanks to its multi-layered design, it remains readable in direct sunlight: 500 nit brightness.

Supports gloved operation mode, as well as in the rain.

Effect of implementation:

  • Not a single case of equipment failure in more than a year of operation.
  • All critical hardware requirements are met.
  • High-performance tablet — the profile software works quickly.
  • Lightweight and small in size— hands do not get tired with constant use.

Thanks to Mobile Inform Group

We express our gratitude to the Mobile Inform Group organization for the prompt introduction of automated workplaces into the digital structure of corporate mobility of our organization.

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