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Law enforcement automation (Police)

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Police officers monitor the order on the roads in any weather during a long shift. Mobile devices with an industrial level of protection allow you to fill out electronic documents and exchange data in the rain or in the cold. Tablets and smartphones for police inspectors must be compatible with specialized software and ensure the security of transmitted information. At the moment, the federal police
information system is used to support the activities of car inspection units. Integration of secure devices with the Federal information System app optimizes the work of inspectors and speeds up document flow. MIG software and hardware complexes are secure mobile devices that are ready for long-term use in different climatic conditions. MIG tablets and smartphones, combined with a mobile thermal printer, automate the regular tasks of police inspectors to fill out receipts, protocols, and other standard forms.

Внедрение мобильных устройств Mobile Inform Group позволит:

  • improve road safety by increasing the number of stops made by offenders;
  • speed up the drafting of a fine resolution;
  • reduce operating costs by eliminating expensive forms;
  • improve the speed and efficiency of road inspectors.


To automate the workplaces of police inspectors, Mobile Inform Group has offered its own software and hardware complex that automates the processing of documents on administrative offenses in real time. The basis of the complex is a reliable enterprise-class mobile device (tablet in a secure version), which has remote access to police databases.


In the Federal Police Information system program, officers can add and learn information about:

  • vehicles, vehicle passports, and driver’s licenses;
  • vehicles that are wanted or restricted;
  • stolen or lost documents, weapons;
  • administrative violations, road accidents.
It is possible to exchange data between police units in real time, interact with state authorities, legal entities and individuals through secure communication channels.


Functions of the MIG software and hardware complex MIG

Our software and hardware complex allow to draw up protocols, acts and resolutions at the scene of a violation in a matter of minutes, since all information is easily found in the database of the federal police information system developed for the Ministry of Internal Affairs. All documents are created on the basis of templates that are configured in accordance with the requirements of the police. You
can view them, adjust them if necessary, and print them on the MIG KB4 mobile printer.

Equipment for automating the workplace of a police officer:

The Russian MIG T10 business tablet works stably in a wide variety of weather conditions: snow, rain, frost, bright sun. The device’s screen is protected from glare and remains readable in
bright sunlight. The tablet is not afraid of falling from a height of more than a meter and retains all its performance characteristics even at -20° C.
The protected mobile printer MIG KB4 is designed for five years of operation in the harshest conditions — careless handling, negative temperatures (up to -20° C), dust, rain, snow, etc. The heavy-duty housing of the device can withstand repeated falls on asphalt from a height of 1.8 m.
In addition, our company produces special accessories for convenient carrying of the tablet and printer, which also extend the life cycle of devices.

Key advantages of the MIG software and hardware complex:

Locally adapted

The Russian development, which has been tested in Russia, is used in police units.

Integrated with the federal police information system, requests are transmitted via a service channel.

Information security

Compatible with the necessary cryptographic information protection tools: VPN, electronic signature, etc.

Supports the secure Astra Linux OS.

A built-in centralized fleet management system for mobile devices is available.


IP-certified equipment designed for intensive long-term (5+ years) operation in harsh conditions.

The removable, frost-resistant 11 700 mAh battery runs the entire shift on a single charge.


High-quality procedural documents through automated data entry.

High-quality operational printing on specialized paper that does not fade in the sun and is stored for up to 7 years.

Wireless communications

The industrial communication system provides a GSM signal level 1.9 times higher than that of a conventional tablet.

Supports operation in special communication bands LTE 450 (B31), 350-400 MHz: higher information security and stability of communication. Allows you to expand communication where there is no coverage by standard operators.


Effect of implementing the MIG software and hardware complex:

  • improving road safety: more stops of violators, reducing the number of cases of corruption;
  • fixing the location and full control over the legitimacy of the actions of the police inspector by the management;
  • increase employee satisfaction from work: routine operations are automated.
  • increase of labor productivity: speed of execution of the resolution before implementation — 15 minutes, after-1 minute;
  • reducing the cost of servicing and ensuring the work of inspectors: the estimated payback time excluding revenue from fines to the budget is 197 days;
  • prompt transmission and use of information;
  • integration capabilities with interagency document management systems.

The MIG hardware and software complex is successfully operating in the regions of the Russian Federation:

Review from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

Taking into account the geographical location of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, including its climatic conditions, this equipment has proven itself on the positive side.

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