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Russian Railways field service automation

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Russian Railways crawlers, repairmen, and foremen monitor the condition of railway tracks and rolling stock. Detected malfunctions (or lack thereof) employees record and at the end of the inspection, fill out paper documentation at the station, as well as enter data
into the automated system of Russian Railways using a PC. Transmitting information in this way takes a long time, slows down interaction between departments, and increases the amount of work.


To reduce time and labor costs, it was decided to provide field employees with corporate mobile computers synchronized with the automation system of Russian Railways.

Key features of the mobile workplace:

  • creating work tasks.
  • assign performers and monitor their performance.
  • data synchronization (uploading regulatory reference information, work plans, uploading executed plans, and identifying incidents).
  • work on the line (entering inspection data, closing tasks);
  • automatic document generation and export.
In addition, crawlers, track and rolling stock repairmen and foremen work in shifts outdoors in all weather conditions. The device for them must be strong, reliable and lightweight. Employees also need to stay connected at all times to ensure uninterrupted data synchronization.



After studying the specifics of the task, Mobile Inform Group suggested that Russian Railways use a MIG S6 smartphone for its mobile workplace.
MIG S6 is a secure smartphone for corporate use based on the Russian Aurora operating system. It is designed for intensive work in harsh conditions (frost and heat, snow and rain, thermal shock up to 100 ° C, dusty rooms). Withstands repeated falls from a height of 1.8 meters on concrete in a cover and 1.2 meters without a cover.

Key advantages of the MIG C55


Industrial display, resistant to impact deformation.

The polycarbonate housing retains its strength over the entire operating temperature range.

Vandal-proof architecture protects the interior elements from damage and breakage.

Works in all weather conditions

Operating temperature range -20 to +60 °C

Protected from dust and moisture according to IP68 standard and not afraid of sudden
temperature changes up to 100°C

Shockproof screen allows you to work even in bright sun


Low-temperature removable battery lasts 8-10 hours on a single charge at a temperature of -25°C


The industrial modem receives a GSM signal 1.9 times better than a conventional smartphone

An additional navigation chip provides positioning accuracy of up to 1 meter and up to 10 cm in
differential correction mode, which is critical in the geographically distributed structure of
Russian Railways

Protected Russian OS

Aurora is included in the register of domestic software, has certificates of Federal services. The
Aurora OS does not depend on Google and Apple cloud services, and built-in security features
reduce the risk of information leakage.

Aurora Center provides centralized management of the mobile device fleet and mobile software
used based on scenarios and security policies

Effect of implementation:

Mobile workplaces are used by crawlers, track and rolling stock repairmen, and foremen. They are connected to the automated system of Russian Railways, which allows you to:
  • Use photo and video recording to mark completed or upcoming projects.
  • Get tasks in real time and record their progress.
  • Make out documentation without moving around the territory. All the necessary information and documents are already in your mobile device.
  • Create electronic certificates and put electronic signatures, mark the criteria for non-admission, start and end of work, request up-to-date reference information from related automated systems of Russian Railways, notify other participants in the process of admission and return for repeated repairs online.
  • Save time on filling out documents 3 times. Also, previously it took time for personal distribution of documents, the mobile workplace allows you to send the act to all recipients by pressing one soft button.

Now the remaining time is spent on a more thorough inspection of the cars and the track, which leads to a reduction in errors and a reduction in the number of failures during operation. In addition, the time spent by the car in repair is reduced, and there is no need to spend money on using paper carriers.

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