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Automation of inspectors ‘ work The Nature and Forest Agency

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The Nature and Forest Agency is responsible for forest, fire, hunting, and environmental oversight. The agency employes field inspectors who identify and prevent illegal logging, poaching, cluttering of forest areas, oil pollution, collect evidence for administrative cases and determine the amount of damage.
The Department has implemented an automated information system for control and supervisory activities, which collects geodata, data from space monitoring of the Earth and from unmanned aerial vehicles. This information is used to identify possible violations of environmental legislation. Inspectors of The Nature and Forest Agency create a card of the control and supervision event, plan the destination, when and what they should check on the ground.


To ensure that data from the automated control and supervision information system is available to inspectors during on-site inspections, The Nature and Forest Agency decided to provide inspectors with mobile jobs based on tablets. Since inspectors work all year round in the open air in any weather, they need water- and dust-proof devices in a shockproof case and with a capacious frost-resistant battery. You also need the tablet to function stably in remote areas with unstable network coverage. Therefore, to automate the work of field inspectors, we chose MIG T8X industrial tablets from Mobile Inform Group.

Key features of the MIG T8X tablet:

  • made in Russia,
  • designed to work in peak loads (shock-resistant architecture, IP 67, stable operation at temperatures from-20° C);
  • adapted to the specifics of the work (automated recognition of identity documents; replaceable battery and additional charging for working in peak loads);
  • secure and always connected (Linux OS; industrial modem with improved reception quality);
    5-year warranty (service contracts with guaranteed response time; free technical support).

More about MIG T8 tablet

For more information about automating the work of inspectors of the Natural Supervision of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, see the video:

How inspectors work

The inspector’s tablet is loaded with information about the forest management system, satellite images, points where he has already been, and data from inspections that have been carried out. The inspector goes to the point of the alleged violation and uses MIG
T8 to take photos or videos, enter comments and record the coordinates of the violation. When the inspector returns to the office, he uploads the information to the automated information system, and all the revealed facts of violations with photos and comments appear there.


With the introduction of this system, the department has no “abandoned” cases: each violation identified and recorded by the inspector is sent to a single information system and goes through all the necessary processing stages.


Currently, 49 out of 112 service inspectors are provided with tablets. The agency plans to equip each inspector with a tablet.

Отзыв от службы Природнадзора ХМАО

Защищенные планшеты MIG зарекомендовали себя как недежное, качественное оборудование. Природнадзор Югры использует более 60-ти защищенных планшетов MIG, интегрированных в АИС КНД.

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