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MIG tablets in the ambulance service

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Project Description

The Republic of Komi has implemented an Emergency Medical Care Information System (IS EMC) integrated with the regional segment of the unified state health information system of the Republic. IS EMC allows the dispatcher of the 112 service to identify the patient at the time of accepting the call, refer to the general file, get information about the patient’s attachment to a particular medical organization and view the history of his medical examination.
The next step was the automation of ambulance teams to quickly transmit call data, plot the optimal route to the patient and enter the results of the examination.

Project goal

Create a unified software environment where dispatchers would see the location and employment status of teams, and teams could send feedback in real time.
If earlier information about the call was communicated to the team via mobile radio, the doctor did not have access to the integrated electronic patient card at the reception and had to manually fill out the call card, and, in case of hospitalization, a request to the hospital about the availability of beds and necessary medical equipment was transmitted by phone. Now all these operations are automated using application software and a secure mobile tablet. And one of the key tasks was to ensure stable operation of the complex during intensive operation in all weather conditions.


A secure MIG T8 tablet with a set of accessories fits all the requirements for the device for ambulance crews. The solution is compatible with the information system of Emergency medical care in the region and the unified state information system in the field of healthcare.

Implemented MIG equipment


  • The MIG T8 mobile computer works smoothly in the most severe weather conditions: from heat
    and heavy rains to severe frost and blizzards.
  • Provides high-precision navigation for clear positioning of the crew on the map. Reliability and
    speed of operation of equipment are more important than ever when providing emergency
    medical care.
  • In addition, to ensure that the use of a computer during the entire work shift does not burden
    doctors, Mobile Inform Group has developed specialized accessories for convenient carrying: a
    bag-case, a charger and a mount in the car, a stylus for working in the cold.

Key advantages of the MIG T8


High performance thanks to a state – of – the-art SDM632 chipset and a large amount of RAM-
up to 4 GB.

Enterprise build of Android: there are no unnecessary components that reduce performance and
increase power consumption.

Up to 19 hours of battery life on a single charge. Removable 8000 mAh frost-resistant battery.


It can withstand repeated falls on concrete from a height of 1.2 m without a cover and 1.8 m in a

Due to the IP67 sealing of the housing, it is protected from moisture and dust ingress inside.

The tablet is not afraid of rain, blizzard, or immersion in water, the operating temperature range
is from-20C to +60C, and it can withstand sudden temperature changes.


An additional navigation chip and an industrial radio modem provide coordinate reception with
an accuracy of 1 m, thanks to an additional navigation chip.

Accepts a GSM signal 1.9 times better than a regular tablet.

2 SIM with LTE support – the fastest mobile Internet with the function of switching between

Works in all weather conditions

The screen remains readable in direct sunlight: 500 nit brightness.
Supports working with gloves.

Effect of implementation

A mobile application is installed on the tablet computer, and the tablet is issued to the senior team member – a doctor or paramedic. Thanks to this, the following tasks are performed:


  • The call information received by the dispatcher (address, reason, additional information about
    the applicant) is sent to the team immediately in the mobile application.
  • The app’s built-in navigation system plots the best route.
  • Doctors can get acquainted with information about the call in advance and when servicing the patient, use a large-scale database of medical reference books of diseases, pathological conditions, medicines and the international classification of diseases.
  • The mobile application allows you to attach multimedia files online: photos of documents, ECG, test results, even taken in private clinics, which are immediately included in the electronic call card, and when hospitalized, they are sent to the medical institution where the person will be brought.
  • Almost all stages of filling out an electronic call card are automated: from the initial entry of information about the patient, his complaints and condition to the introduction of a diagnosis and subsequent transmission to external systems, both at the regional and federal levels.
  • The doctor can work with the patient’s call card and take into account the cost of medication,
    even if there is no connection. When the signal is restored, the data is synchronized with the


Emergency medical services chose MIG

Feedback from the Ministry of Health of the Komi Republic

Tablets MIG T8 work flawlessly, despite the harsh climatic conditions and high intensity of operation. Employees of the SMP positively assessed the complex. In June 2020, the project was scaled up and the number of automated workstations was increased.

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