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Automation of biometric identification of a person

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Mobile Inform Group together with the competence center for biometrics of Azimut JSC developed a mobile software and hardware complex for biometric identification of a person by fingerprint.


The use of biometric data to identify a person is a trend that is gaining momentum. It is this technology that both commercial organizations and the public sector rely on. After all, the main advantage of biometric systems is that the person himself is identified, and not his document/pass or password, which is easy to lose, replace or forget. For solving special tasks of state services and security institutions, mobile identification is necessary in order to quickly establish and (or) confirm the identity by fingerprint. For example,
to ensure a checkpoint regime at various closed facilities and territories. For these purposes, Mobile Inform Group and Azimut JSC, on the basis of which the biometrics competence center was created and has been successfully operating since 2019, accumulating the
leaders of the domestic market in this area, have proposed a solution using two-factor fingerprint identification. The companies developed a mobile hardware and software package based on the MIG T8X industrial tablet running the Astra Linux release Smolensk OS and the Sonda software from the developer Sonda Pro LLC.


MIG T8X tablet with fingerprint reader


Automated workplace features:

  • use of two-factor identification based on biometric parameters in closed and secure
  • creation of a single data bank with the possibility of further connection to state information
    platforms and systems;
  • minimization of the human factor when making a decision on the admission/non-admission of a
    subject to the territory of closed / secure institutions;
  • increase the speed and efficiency of employees ‘ work.

To solve these tasks, Mobile Inform Group has developed a full-size functional module — scanner for recognizing two fingerprints simultaneously. The module is integrated into the case of the MIG T8X tablet, with a minimum frame rate of >10 frames per second. Thanks to the light-emitting sensor (LES), the scanner automatically reads and recognizes data even in difficult conditions (direct sunlight), and also recognizes real and artificial fingerprints, which prevents information substitution and fraud.


MIG T8X Tablet


Key features of the MIG T8X tablet:

  • made in Russia;
  • designed to work in peak loads (shock-resistant architecture, IP 67, stable operation at temperatures from
    -20° C);
  • adapted to the specifics of the work (automated recognition of identity documents; replaceable battery
    and additional charging for working in peak loads);
  • secure and always connected (Linux OS; industrial modem with improved reception quality);
  • 5-year warranty (service contracts with guaranteed response time; free technical support).
Thus, MIG T8X with Sonda software can be used in companies and services that require rapid fingerprint identification, including mobile identification in the field.

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