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Parking system automation

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The inspector of the Moscow parking space issues more than fifty fines during the shift for parking.

Автоматизация московской парковочной инспекции

For legitimate use, its mobile kit must be certified as a means of change, and for efficiency it must be compact and withstand prolonged intensive work in all weather conditions.



After a detailed study of the operation features, a secure MIG T8 business tablet was selected for the project implementation.



The MIG T8 tablet is certified and entered in the metrological register of measuring instruments. The accuracy of getting coordinates is 30 cm. Maximum reliability. During the year of operation, several hundred MIG T8 tablets, only about 1% failed.

Автоматизация московской парковочной инспекции

Key advantages of the

Durable and lightweight

Resistance to repeated falls from a height of 1.5 m.

Certified according to GOST tightness IP67, which allows you to withstand sharp (up to 100 ° C) temperature changes without condensation of moisture and corrosion of internal elements.

The weight is 600 g.


Functional mechanical keys.

Convenient covers and bags designed specifically for inspectors..

Frost-resistant replaceable batteries allow you to operate the system around the clock in freezing
temperatures up to -30°C.

Works both day and night

Multi-layer display with increased readability in the sun.

The ability to use an additional IR camera on the tablet allows to expand your work in the dark, which was previously impossible.


8-core modern processor

Large amount of RAM – up to 4 GB

Camera is 16 Mp

After implementation

With a tablet, the inspector takes photos of the car’s license plate and the vehicle located in the
paid parking zone.


In online mode, the inspector checks whether there is a payment for the use of each parking space. In case of non-payment, information about an administrative and legal violation is automatically generated for subsequent issuing of a fine and sending by mail. All of this:


  • Increases the efficiency of inspectors ‘ work.
  • Saves them time and makes it possible to distribute it more efficiently.
  • Increases employee satisfaction with their work: routine operations are automated.

Автоматизация московской парковочной инспекции

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